Narrative Art Virtual Exhibition - Review.

25 International Artists from 14 Nationalities participating with 66 Artworks curated and organized by Art4You Gallery, is a Virtual exhibition broadcasting from Dubai.

The Artworks range from portraits to landscapes to recreations of some fabulous works by renowned artists presented via a global medium. The layout of the exhibition is well structured with each wall space dedicated to every artist and the use of Art Placer as the virtual exhibition space provides enough room to explore and appreciate the collection. It is with a lot of ease that you can navigate around the virtual space and also allows you to preview the Art using Augmented Reality in your respective areas.

It is extremely difficult to pick only a few from the exhibited works hence this review will highlight art having prominence with the current times. The link for the exhibition will be provided at the end of this review.

The collection presented by V.Vasandan in this exhibition are the most thought provoking and eccentric artworks. The artist’s dedication and appreciation for the practice of Meditation and Yoga are the predominant subject for his collection. 

Cow & Mother – Pinnacle of Meditation is 45 x 27 acrylic painting on Canvas.

The center of the painting is the source of energy proliferating to every corner of the canvas. This figure is in a state of meditation while the surrounding realm continues to thrive. The culmination of this energy is the bond between the mother and the offspring, and the subjects representing this bond is the Mother cow and her calves. Vasandan was inspired by the Culture of Tamil Nadu (& different parts of India) where Cows are worshiped as a Deity. The influence of the city is evident thought-out the painting. Even though the technique is close to Surrealistic; this work is created in a state of awareness and evokes high consciousness as opposed to the use of this technique to tap into the sub-consciousness.

Spreading the Power of Meditation is another form of Abstract Artwork created on 81 x 63 paper using Ink as the main medium. This work strikes the balance between defined lines & techniques, to free flow. Initially the artwork will give you a pretense of abstract but on closer exploration you will realize that this work is indeed a calculative design of geometry & strokes. The binding discipline to rhythmic movements of various energies is the pinnacle of this artwork.