Exhibition Review Duende - The Mysterious Power of Art

Duende - The Mysterious Power of Art is a Group Exhibition of Art and Design concept until 20th March 2022. The Gallery comprises of Modern, Contemporary and Abstract Art. Showcasing at Hub Space exhibited by Art4You Gallery, the event hosts more than 35 art pieces which include paintings, resin art and furniture.

The placement of the Art in an exhibition plays a key role in highlighting the works providing the right balance of focus on the individual works and the overall image of the collection. The curator strikes a balance between display of furniture and Art to the best of their respective artistry. On entering the gallery, you are welcome with an impressive painting "Burqaas" by Roa Al Madani behind leather chair and coffee table instantly warming you to the milieu of the Exhibition.

One if the surprising works are by Carys D'souza, youngest participating artist. With unique choice of concept, the manifestation of which became the highlight of the exhibition. Carys's series of work is depiction to her journey of overcoming her fears. She set herself on path of observing and understand her discomfort that finally guided her to lend substance to her fear, transliterating in her works. The Artist has managed to capture conflicting emotions made evident by using different mediums and colors.

Paintings by Chris Barley and Karoline Denisha are one of the favorite works for this writer.